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truck scale

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brief introduction:Selection of truck scale foundation: a. Foundation pit type (underground type: level with the ground) Advantages: save the use of area, no need to do both sides of the ramp Disadvantages: inconvenient maintenance; improper drainage will cau......

Selection of truck scale foundation:
a. Foundation pit type (underground type: level with the ground)
Advantages: save the use of area, no need to do both sides of the ramp
Disadvantages: inconvenient maintenance; improper drainage will cause corrosion to the scale body and electronic accessories and reduce the service life; the sight line at night is not clear, and the passing vehicles are easy to crush the electronic truck scale, causing damage; it is inconvenient to clean and clean;
b. Half foundation pit (underground type: half ground and half underground)
Advantages: save the use of area, the ramp can be shorter;
Disadvantages: inconvenient maintenance; improper drainage will cause corrosion to scale body and electronic accessories, reduce service life; inconvenient cleaning and cleaning;
c. No foundation pit (above ground: above ground)
Advantages: convenient maintenance; extended service life; electronic truck scale is very beautiful, showing the corporate image; cleaning is convenient;
Disadvantages: it covers a large area with ramps on both sides;
Accessories options: bridge sensor, column sensor, cantilever sensor, digital sensor, digital instrument, analog instrument;
Features and functions of digital sensor for automobile weighbridge:
Digital products have high precision;
It has good stability and strong ability to resist eccentric load;
The sealing grade can reach IP68 and ip69k;
Made of stainless steel:
Good reliability and strong anti-interference ability;
It has self identification function, which is convenient for fault diagnosis;
Long transmission distance, communication speed block, anti cheating effect is remarkable;
The double shielded signal line is used to prevent rodents from attacking;
Ultra wide temperature range;
All stainless steel and automotive paint baking process, suitable for industrial applications with strong corrosion grade;
All kinds of information cooperate with instruments and cloud computing to realize the function of Internet of things;
Features and functions of digital instrument of automobile weighbridge:
The scheme of locking tooling table is adopted for password calibration and identification time management;
Support Ethernet interface, RS232, RS485, parallel printing interface and large screen interface;
High touch operation accuracy, response speed block, no need for external keyboard auxiliary operation (7inch800 * 480 TFT color display model);
A variety of digital scale adjustment interface makes the digital advantages of truck scale better play;
The instrument abnormal prompt information is clear, and there are troubleshooting instructions;
Support Chinese and English touch keyboard input, making the number and file editing more convenient;
With various ways of platform status analysis interface, it is more convenient to match dye head according to hidden danger and check problems;
All external devices are electrically isolated from the sensor, and the sensor is not affected by the leakage of the external equipment. At the same time, the sensor interface of the instrument has strong anti surge and static protection;
It has the typesetting function of filling type printing scale list;
Optional functions of vehicle weighbridge:
1. With micro printing function (instrument with printing function, plus needle type, thermal printing function)
2. Digital signal
3. Weighing system (computer, printer, weighing software)
4. External large screen (display license plate number, product name, etc.)
5. Unattended intelligent weighing system (all in one card, license plate recognition system, manual card reading, etc.)
6. Automatic weighing charge (shared weighbridge machine, QR code, etc.)
7. Anti cheating device (infrared radiation, ground induction coil, gate, etc.)
8. Monitoring and capturing (computer, camera, software)
9. Control function (4-20mA) output (Quantitative blanking, etc.)
10. Internet of things (mobile app real-time view of weighing data and dynamic of sensor and junction box)
11. Explosion proof material (for gas station and chemical place)
12. Setting weight value, automatic blanking, automatic power off, automatic weighing, automatic printing, real-time data upload, docking management system
remind:Due to the large number of product models and specifications, and support the customization of size, function configuration and other requirements, all product prices, configurations and so on are subject to the electronic negotiation and the actual scheme!

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